Replacement of 6 transformers during the year: the efficiency of Enerray’s warehouses

Enerray acted on some PV plants located in central and south Italy, which are part of a package of 12 ground mounted PV systems owned by a major German investment fund.

During the course of 2017 some transformers were damaged, probably due to a lightning strike or a possible collapse of the insulation system. A failure of this type unfortunately causes the plant shutdown. In this case the time of intervention and replacement of the component become very important.

The constant monitoring of the systems, thanks to a technologically advanced control room, made possible to detect the faults immediately. In these cases, in which the plant shutdown must be reduced as much as possible, Enerray immediately activated its team to check the presence of the trafo in the warehouse. Thanks to the wide stock of components, spare parts and materials that Enerray holds in its 4 warehouses distributed in various parts of Italy, the compatible trafo has always been available.

Within 1-2 days, compatibly with the collection, transport and mounting of the trafo, each PV system affected by the problem has been successfully restored.



The 6 interventions carried out during the year 2017, demonstrate the ability of Enerray to operate even in emergencies, minimizing losses for the customer and always ensuring an efficient service 7 days a week.

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