14.963 kWp
20.948.200 kWh/p.a
11.123.494 kg

In 2010, Enerray created a ground-mounted system with power capacities of 14,963 kWp (divided into 3 subsystems of around 5 MWp each), installed in the municipality of Pietrafitta (FG). Annual production is estimated at around 20,948,200 kWh, with annual CO2 emission reductions of 11,123,494 kg.

The plant occupies an area of around 38 hectares, with a total of 17 km of electrical grid connection lines, crossing over roads and rivers.
The land was previously zoned as arable agricultural land, but was used in a limited and infrequent manner.
Before beginning work, Enerray had to carry out mine clearance, which lasted a month and eliminated any possible war debris.



The selection of photovoltaic modules was carried out with a focus on the best conversion efficiency, in consideration of the surface area available. Another important criteria was reliability, also understood in terms of performance stability over the system’s useful life, which can be estimated at over 20 years. The layout of the field was determined with the primary objective of reducing interference from reciprocal shade or external elements to a minimum, as well as avoiding any shade on the field modules at noon on the winter solstice.

The modules have a horizontal plane angle of 25°, so as to allow maximum energy collection throughout the year.


The system components were selected to minimise losses during conversion. When the project was finalised, additional changes were made aimed at optimising system performance in terms of energy produced.

In particular, selection criteria were established for the modules to guarantee the utmost uniformity between their electrical performance, thereby optimising the return achieved through the strings. In addition, components and cables were selected so as to reduce losses on the DC side. 


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