9.430,965 kWp
13.225.296 kWh/p.a
7.022.636 kg

In 2011, Enerray created a lot of 10 photovoltaic greenhouses with a capacity of 9,430.965 kWp (1 MWp each), installed in Mesagne (BR) in the township of Argiano. Annual production is estimated at around 13,225,296 kWh, with annual CO2 emission reductions of 7,022,636 kg.

The greenhouses were created and connected to the grid in one and a half months (from 10 July to 30 August 2011).

The difficulty faced was that the ground was not level, but at varying heights. During the installation of the photovoltaic greenhouses, earthworks were carried out in order to obtain terraces with appropriate slopes to guarantee proper installation.


In addition, the greenhouses required STRUCTURAL SUPPORTS, specifically:

The strings were placed mechanically, using specially designed assembly systems, to architecturally integrate the modules into the roof of the photovoltaic greenhouses.

This structure made it possible to support the photovoltaic modules through a mechanical tightening system located between the profile and the clamps on the module frame. The large fastening surface, rigidity of the structure and the ease of installation make this a long-lasting solution with good resistance to mechanical stress.



The most important criteria for selecting the modules was conversion efficiency, taking into account the surface available for the plan, and also considering reliability in terms of performance stability over the operating life of the plant, which can be estimated at over 20 years. 

The layout of the field was determined with the primary objective of reducing interference from reciprocal shade or external elements to a minimum, as well as avoiding any shade on the field modules at noon on the winter solstice.


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