198,88 kWp
218.762 kWh/p.a.
116.160 kg

In 2008, Enerray created a roof photovoltaic system at the Ferrari plant in Maranello (MO), with a power capability of 198.88 kWp. Total annual production is estimated at around 218,762 kWh, with annual CO2 savings of 116,160 kg.


Components were selected, in accordance with market availability, based on operating and functional characteristics, safety requirements and environmental features relative to their physical location.
All the components were selected with an appropriate balance of compatibility and selectivity, so as to guarantee targeted repairs and maintenance, as localised and localisable as possible.

The Customer asked that no holes be created in the roof. Based on this request, a structure of welded galvanised steel beams was created, that serves as a weight, resting on the roof without the need to create holes.


The system consists of photovoltaic modules, each one approximately 1.60 x 0.80 m, on a metal structure placed, using plates, on a flat roof around 10.00 m from the ground.
The weight bearing structure consists of:

  • Hot-dip galvanised Fe360 steel base, consisting of a grille formed of:
    500x500 mm plates, 10 mm thick, with rounded edges;
    HEA 180 feet - with 500 mm height adjustable based on the roof slope, welded to the plates;
    HEA 160 grille profiles in the two directions, forming 4.00x4.00 m structures anchored to the underlying feet with steel plates.
  • Aluminium frames anchored with plates bolted to the upper wings of the HEA 160 profiles, with holes. 2 longitudinal running panel supports are attached to the frames.

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