254 MWp
500 GWh/p.a.
227.000 tonnes
the end 2017

Enerray do Brasil, through the 90%-held Enerray Usinas Fotovoltaicas, was awarded the Enel Green Power tender to create a solar park located in Tabocas do Brejo Velho.

The photovoltaic system, for which work began in December 2015, will be created in the Bahia state, in north-east Brazil, and will have a capacity of 254 MWp, extended over around 550 hectares, with estimated annual production of around 550 GWh, equivalent to the annual consumption needs of more than 268,000 Brazilian households, avoiding the emission of over 180,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. 

It is expected to go into operation by the first half of 2017.


The system, consisting of 7 subsystems, foresees the installation of single-axis trackers that will allow the photovoltaic modules to move throughout the day based on the position of the sun. 

This will be the largest photovoltaic plant created by Enel Green Power and will contributed to meeting the constant demand for electricity in this country which - based on estimates - will increase at an average annual rate of 4% through to 2020.

More than 500 people will be involved in the construction of the project, and local companies will provide all necessary services, providing employment for the local community.

Brazil is a market with very significant growth prospects in the medium-long term. Enerray intends to establish itself as an important company in the renewable sector and building the largest photovoltaic plant in the country is a promising start.

Another ground-mounted plant is also being constructed in Horizonte, with 104 MWp over around 220 hectares. Completion is planned by 2017. Work has begun in June 2016.


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