1 MWe + 500 kWe
2.100.000 kWh/year
4 hours



Towards the end of 2014, Enerray was awarded a public tender by IRESEN (Institut de Recherche en Energie Solaire et en Energie Nouvelles) to construct the first CSP-ORC system, with a 1 MWe capacity , in Ben Guèrir, within Ville Vert Mohammed VI, known as the Green Energy Park.

The project, with a cost of about € 6.000.000, is financed 50/50 by IRESEN and the OCP (Office Chérifien des Phosphates), the world's largest producer of phosphates and its derivatives, in order to study the productivity and reliability for possible future use in its mines.

Electromechanically, the system has been completed in October 2016. The commissioning is expected within March 2017.


The technology proposed in this project is based on a solar field (Linear Fresnel), using a Thermal Oil as heat transfer fluid.

Fresnel reflectors are made of many thin, flat mirror strips to concentrate sunlight onto tubes through which working fluid is pumped. Flat mirrors allow more reflective surface in the same amount of space as a parabolic reflector, thus capturing more of the available sunlight, and they are much cheaper than parabolic reflectors.

The ORC System in the Ben Guerir plant (turbine, condenser, evaporator, alternator, etc.) is provided by Exergy, a company in the Maccaferri Industrial Group which, through a thermodynamic cycle transforms thermal energy into electricity.

Exergy is the sole constructor that provides (patented) radial flow turbines for use in CSP systems, with the fundamental advantages of simple management and maintenance, using remote control integrated with the ORC.

The ORC cycle was designed to work with an air condenser, and therefore does not require water.


The ORC-PLUS project, borned on June 2015, aims at developing an innovative Thermal Energy Storage system (TES) which is optimised for CSP plants in the scale of 1-5 MWe. This will improve the dispatchability (production on demand) and number of hours of production, regardless of sunlight availability, of an existing small CSP plant coupled with an ORC system (located in a desert area).


The 500 kWe ORC-PLUS prototype is currently being built and it will be connected to the 1MWe CSP-ORC plant of Green Energy Park. The works started at the beginning of 2017.

The part of the plant that will be built in the framework of ORC-PLUS will be made up of 4.900 m2 of Fresnel collectors and a Thermal Energy Storage Tank (TES) full of Magnetite, that should be able to ensure electricity production for at least 4 hours during sunless hours.


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