116 MWp
270 GWh/year
120,000 tons

Enerray, together to its partner Desert Technologies Industries C. Ltd, decided to invest in Egypt because FIT rate for photovoltaic plants was competitive compared to other countries.

Enerray is constructing three PV plants part of the the 1.8 GW Benban Solar Park, the largest private-sector financed PV Park in the Middle East and North Africa. The site is located in a remote area near the city of Aswuan.

The projects are co-financed by the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) and other lenders under the IFC’s Nubian Suns renewable energy financing programme


The three Benban projects will have a cumulative capacity of 116 MWp.

One project of 25 MWp has been developed by Winnergy for Renewable Energy Projects S.A.E. a special purpose vehicle owned by a JV between Al Tawakol Electrical (Gila) S.A.E., Enerray S.p.A., Desert Technologies Industries Co. Ltd.

The second project of 25 MWp has been developed by Arinna Solar Power S.A.E., a special purpose vehicle owned by a JV between Al Bilal Group for General Contracts Limited, Enerray S.p.A., Desert Technologies Co. Ltd and Tech Project Development Group Incorporated.

Lastly, the largest project of 66 MWp has been developed by ARC for Renewable Energy S.A.E., a special purpose vehicle owned by a JV between SECI Energia S.p.A., Enerray S.p.A. and Desert Technologies Industries Co. Ltd.


Enerray began the phase of mobilization of the construction site in mid-April 2018, entrusting the work of refitting to a local company.

Jobs will be created during the construction of the Benban projects alongside long-term employment opportunities during the operation and maintenance of the three solar plants, thus providing additional benefits to local communities.

This first phase involved the following works:
- Installation of prefabricated offices (300 m2) with air conditioning
- Installation of warehouses that are managed by an international company
- Installation of 2 electric generators of 70 kW each
- Installation of the fence with guarded entrances.


Between January and April 2019, Enerray worked on the following aspects:

- Ground leveling, road construction and cabin foundations for the inverters
- Poles piling to support the structure of the photovoltaic generator
- Structure
- Mounting of the PV Modules

Main problems of the project:

- A secure accommodation was secured to the Enerray team, having been booked before to the start of construction work. A local driver of trust has been also provided to the team.
- The same scouting activity was also carried out for all logistics services. In addition, in order to mitigate the problems of congestion in the phases of arrival of the material on site (about 1000 containers expected only for the three 116 MWp PV plants), Enerray immediately created a direct channel of communication between its "Logistic Service Provider" and the" Facility Management Company "appointed to manage all the general services of the Benban site.

Climatic conditions
In the planning and component selection for the projects, Enerray has planned appropriate arrangements to meet the particular climatic conditions of the desert area in which the PV systems will be installed: design for temperatures exceeding 50°C, components with mechanical protection against dust and working shifts in the cooler hours of the day.
The local authorities in Aswan helped to solve the problems faced on site.

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