reliable and bankable EPC Partner

along the entire project life.

We can manage efficiently all aspects and stages of the realization process of a photovoltaic plant, from  permitting, engineering and construction, to commissioning.



Supporting Developers and Investors in their solar project developments and enhance their competitive power in international tenders. 

Co-development and green field development  in target markets. 



International Procurement and Logistics Power, to provide our customer with top international products at best price and with timely delivery.



An Engineering Team optimises project performance by appling the latest design international best practise. 

A dedicated Construction Management Team directly supervises all phases of installation to assure on time and on budget construction.



We directly supervise all activities during commining, when  plant is tested to verify its functions according to the design and contract specifications.

What are the advantages of installing a
photovoltaic system?
Photovoltaics low-risk and good returns

Photovoltaics are a low-risk investment with good returns.

Photovoltaic system reduce or even eliminate the costs

The energy produced by the photovoltaic system allows energy-intensive companies to reduce or even eliminate the costs sustained to use electricity from the grid.

Energy transferred to the grid has a value

Excess energy transferred to the grid has a value, based on the rules and tariffs on the electricity market.

Photovoltaic system increases the value

A photovoltaic system also increases the value of the property on which it is installed.

Photovoltaic systems have a long duration

Photovoltaic systems have a long duration (25–30 years) with reduced maintenance due to the lack of moving mechanical parts.

Photovoltaic system makes no noise

A photovoltaic system makes no noise, has a low visual impact and can create profit from otherwise unusable areas (for example roofs or desert areas).

A photovoltaic system is a symbol of environmental responsibility that can be exploited in marketing, helping to promote a green image for the company and increasing positive perceptions from customers, who are increasingly attentive to the sustainability of the products they acquire.

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