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There are two types of solar technology used to take advantage of the energy coming from the sun (radiant energy) and convert it into electricity: photovoltaic and concentrated solar power.
The first takes advantage of the physical properties of certain elements to generate a flow of electrons when exposed to sunlight (photovoltaic effect). The second uses the thermal component (heat) of sunlight, concentrating it so as to reach temperatures that are sufficiently high for use in a thermodynamic cycle based on turbines and alternators.

Photovoltaic Technology


Consolidated and clean technology to produce electricity, with many advantages.

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Thermodynamic Technology

Concetrated Solar Power

A new generation of solar plants to produce thermal energy, with many industrial uses.

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Off-grid solutions

Off-grid solutions

A system that makes it possible to produce energy naturally, even in areas without an electrical grid.

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Help us to create a more sustainable world
Help us to create a more
sustainable world

The economy, in the sense of economic development, and the environment are often seen as two opposing worlds, where each fights against the other.

When we improve the quality of life in an economic sense and yet do it within a framework that respects the environment, we call that environmental sustainability.

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