Solar energy in the future of the world

Solar energy markets are rapidly growing worldwide and renewable energies are the best solution for a sustainable development of the planet, especially in developing countries, 

Enerray, as a global solar epc, is active and develops markets in many countries of the world.

Middle East

The energy market sector in the Middle East is having an important shift towards solar energy due to the ever lower costs of solar energy and from the other side an increase in the price of fossil fuels. The use of renewable energy is gaining political attention and many Middle Eastern countries are putting in place ambitious renewable energy programs, particularly due to the increase of electrification rate and energy demand in the region.

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The African continent is increasingly turning to renewable energy technologies, and in particular to solar photovoltaics, to bolster energy security, reduce price volatility, guarantee electricity access for all and support rapid economic growth in a sustainable manner.

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Latin America is a region with immense potential to accelerate the expansion of solar energy. Its numerous emerging economies are a growing source of demand, while the political climate across the continent is largely in favor of renewable energy.

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Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the most promising markets for solar development. Home to dozens of emerging economies with favourable political climates, Southeast Asia is bound to become a cornerstone of the renewable energy revolution.

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The growing economy of the United States of America is a fertile ground for solar investments and solar pv installations will grow up in the future.

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