Diversification of business sectors and the ability to take advantage of constantly evolving opportunities throughout the world: this is the mission of the Maccaferri Group, an industrial corporation active since 1879, with a global presence that offers products, technologies and services, both to companies in the most advanced industrial sectors and to end consumers. 

Investing in the development of our people, thinking and acting professionally and transparently with an eye to a global sustainable approach that respects the environment, these are the values on which the Group's growth is based. 

Efforts and investments have always been focused on constant product innovation that allows us to have a presence on five continents and provide technology to the most advanced industrial markets. 

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The Maccaferri Industrial Group is the story of a family that, still today, owns the corporation and guides its strategic decisions. From the founding of the initial company to today, the Maccaferri family has always been not just the owner but also the reference point in defining the guidelines for the Group's growth and development. At their side, professional managers guide the individual companies and translate the strategies of the holding company, S.E.C.I. – Società Esercizi Commerciali Industriali – into operating decisions. Since 1949 the holding company has managed all the assets.

The Group's history
Maccaferri Group

The company "Raffaele Officina da Fabbro” was opened, producing gabions for the first time, by hand.

Maccaferri Group 1920

The first acquisitions and diversification were carried out by Gaetano Maccaferri (1879-1968), whose entrepreneurial spirit blazed the trail for future generations.


S.A.M.P – Società Anonima Meccanica di Precisione was founded. Entry into the sugar market, with S.A.D.A.M. – Società Anonima Distilleria Agricola Marchigiana.

Seci Holding

The holding S.E.C.I. – Società Esercizi Commerciali Industriali was founded.

1980 Guidance is provided by Guglielmo and Angelo

The business area is redefined through mergers, disposals, acquisitions and equity investments in new industrial initiatives. Guidance is provided by Guglielmo and Angelo, the sons of the founder Gaetano.

Management passes to the next generation: Gaetano, Massimo, Alessandro and Antonio Maccaferri, Angelo's sons

Management passes to the next generation: Gaetano, Massimo, Alessandro and Antonio Maccaferri, Angelo's sons.




Sadam and Eridania – the two leading sugar companies in Italy –combine, creating the Eridania Sadam Group.

2005 SECI Real estate SAPABA

The real estate and construction sector is consolidated with SECI Real Estate. The Group already had a presence on the extraction and construction market through S.A.P.A.B.A.

2006 SECI Energia Manifatture Sigaro Toscano

SECI Energia is founded – a subholding within the energy sector – as well as Manifatture Sigaro Toscano, the company which produces and sells the historic Italian cigar.


The Group acquires EXERGY, a pioneering company for the development of ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology in the energy efficiency sector.

2015 AVANTI Cigar company

Manifatture Sigaro Toscano acquires Avanti Cigar Company, an American producers of cigars branded Avanti, Parodi and DeNobili.


The participation in Eridania Italia is sold to the French Crystal Union.

SECI Energia: the present and future of energy
SECI Energia: the present and future of energy

Established in 2006, SECI Energia is a subholding of the Maccaferri Industrial Group, which combines equity investments in new companies working in the energy sector. 

Through its subsidiaries and associates, SECI Energia controls the renewable energy market, in particular the design and creation of systems that, through various technologies, make use of renewable sources such as biomass, photovoltaics, wind power, biogas, energy recovery and hydroelectric power to produce energy.

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The Maccaferri Foundation supports projects and initiatives aimed at promoting social and cultural activities that help disadvantaged people to engage with and be recognised in their community, focusing on developing their social skills, with a focus on young people.


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