Challenges of Utility Scale Solar PV Projects

Utility scale solar projects are expanding very quickly around the world, paving the way for many opportunities for investors and solar EPC contractors, but they also present many challenges due to their complexity and very big size. The graphs show continental deployment of solar power plants of 4MWAC and over (source: WikiSolar) Everyone involved in the […]


Utility Scale Solar farms are seeing exponential growth

The powerful economies of scale in solar PV are likely to lead to a progressive reduction in the costs to half of their present levels – enabling additional investments in grid expansion and integration technologies such as storage, connectivity, and demand-response that will increase the value of solar assets. Owing to the low costs of […]


Utility Scale Solar PV Parks in UAE and Gulf Area

Economic diversification from an oil-based economy, rapid industrialization, growing population, and increasing demand from water desalination facilities have led to an increasing demand for energy in Middle East, making renewable energy economically attractive, especially in the United Arab Emirates. The Clean Energy Strategy 2050, launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President […]


The Benban Solar Park shines Egypt’s renewable energy targets

Egypt possesses an abundance of land, sunny weather and high wind speeds, making it a prime location for renewable energy sources. The Renewable Energy Strategy of 2008 set a target of reaching 20% of total electrical energy mix from renewable energy by 2022. The Strategy identifies concrete steps, including large pilot implementation of grid-connected solar […]