The importance of choosing a qualified solar EPC contractor

The engineering, procurement and construction of a photovoltaic system might seem an easy activity since a PV plant is made up of different electrical components connected together and there is almost no use of moving mechanical parts. This is not true and it is important to choose a serious and experienced solar EPC contractor for […]


The new solar markets: a challange for the EPC solar company

A solid global epc solar company, especially today, must be active and ready to develop solar projects in every markets in the world. In the last two years solar energy markets are rapidly growing worldwide and solar investments in the developing countries exceed, In many cases, those of the consolidated markets. We know what does it means EPC solar company: exactly […]


EPC photovoltaic process – The Construction phase

After analyzing the first two phases of the EPC photovoltaic service, this article will focus on the most practical phase of installation of the various components that make up the plant. The main steps that characterize the part of  “Construction” are: Installing the module support structure Whether it is a photovoltaic system on a roof […]


EPC photovoltaic process – The Procurement phase

In this second blog dedicated to the phases that characterize the EPC photovoltaic process, after analyzing the first phase of engineering, we will describe the procurement one. The procurement is necessarily linked to the supply of materials and services, thus the supply of all components that will become part of the previously designed photovoltaic system […]


EPC photovoltaic process – The Engineering phase

Engineering a photovoltaic plant is one of the crucial phases of the entire EPC photovoltaic process; at this stage, variables and calculations must be taken seriously because the ultimate goal is to provide the customer with the best photovoltaic solution achievable according to the stated needs and the availability of space and investment. Although preliminary […]


What is a solar photovoltaic EPC?

A photovoltaic system is a symbol of environmental responsibility and also a low-risk investment with good returns. But who or what is in fact an EPC? Literally epc means: engineering, procurement, and construction. EPC is a particular form of contracting arrangement that allow to manage efficiently all aspects and stages of the realization process of a […]