Enerray’s expanding business in MENA

Antonio Capua is very excited by the opportunities presented by the MENA region. Enerray S.p.A. is one of the global leaders in the design, construction and management of PV power plants, and its clients include some of the best-known brands in solar. For example, multinationals such as Ferrari, Max Mara, ENI, Auchan, Leroy Merlin and many others. It […]


Algeria starts its renewable energy future with a 150 MW solar PV tender

The fiscal dependence of Algeria from the export of its massive oil and gas reserves, combined with the fact that over 90% of the country’s electricity generation is based on this resources, poses serious problems in facing the growing residential electricity demand. Moreover the slump in prices of oil since the third quarter of 2014 […]


Oman will build the largest solar park in the region

It all started in 2008, when the National Authority for the regulation of the Electricity (AER), following a study carried out on its initiative on the possible use of renewable energy sources present in the country for power production, has confirmed Oman’s solar potential as one of the highest in the world, and could be sufficient to cover […]


Utility Scale Solar PV Parks in UAE and Gulf Area

Economic diversification from an oil-based economy, rapid industrialization, growing population, and increasing demand from water desalination facilities have led to an increasing demand for energy in Middle East, making renewable energy economically attractive, especially in the United Arab Emirates. The Clean Energy Strategy 2050, launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President […]


Commercial and industrial rooftop solar systems in UAE and Gulf Area

The United Arab Emirates has some of the highest electricity consumption rates in the world. Historically, tariff rates for electricity in the UAE have not reflected actual production costs, due to subsidies applied to electricity bill. The UAE is considering removing all forms of electricity subsidies in the future, replacing this form of inefficient cost […]


In Dubai is borning a sustainable city powered by renewables

As our communities become more urbanised, our cities need to get smarter to handle in a renewable and sustainable way this large-scale urbanisation to meet citizens’ needs and aspirations for an improved quality of life, reduced pollution, increased efficiency, better services and decreased costs of living. In this context the arab countries are rapidly urbanising, […]


Tunisia plans to improve its economy and invest in green energy

Tunisia has been passing by a deep and difficult economic slump since 2011, when the autocratic leader Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali was overthrown. The International Monetary Fund urged Tunisia to raise the retirement age and prices of energy to help decrease the deficit. Thereby, the country had to increase 4% fuel prices, for the third […]


MENA Region Solar Energy Oulook 2018

Several energy-importing countries in Middle East and North Africa continue to accelerate the development of their renewable energy sectors as they aim to curb fuel imports. More limited fossil fuel production and a reliance on fuel imports to meet domestic demand and rising import bills have pushed Egypt, Morocco and Jordan, for example, to diversify […]


The Benban Solar Park shines Egypt’s renewable energy targets

Egypt possesses an abundance of land, sunny weather and high wind speeds, making it a prime location for renewable energy sources. The Renewable Energy Strategy of 2008 set a target of reaching 20% of total electrical energy mix from renewable energy by 2022. The Strategy identifies concrete steps, including large pilot implementation of grid-connected solar […]


Shams Dubai program and DEWA’s initiatives to increase solar power in Dubai

The Shams Dubai initiative, launched by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), encourages households and building owners to install PV panels to generate electricity, and connect them to DEWA’s grid. The electricity is used on site and the surplus is exported to DEWA’s network to be deducted from future energy bills. According to the UAE […]


Socio-Economics Benefits from Renewable Energies – MENA Region

As shown by authoritative studies, renewable energy can bring many benefits to the world, especially from a social and economic point of view. The increasing shares of renewable power capacity is lowering the prices of pv components. The global average energy system LCOE gradually declines from 70 €/MWh in 2015 to 52 €/MWh in 2050, […]


The transition to a fully renewable powered energy system in the MENA region

The transition to a fully renewable powered energy system is possible as shown by authoritative studies of autonomous universities. In the last blog we presented a study that deals with the subject with objective data that demonstrate without a shadow of doubt that a transition to the exclusive use of renewable energy is not only […]


MENA, Middle East and North Africa photovoltaic market

The Middle East and North Africa (also called MENA region) states are interested by a quantity of annual sunlight that produce a direct radiation exceeding 6 kWh/m2 per day in many regions. The Recent decreases in the price of photovoltaic technologies coupled with rising electricity demand in these growing nations, could make the MENA region […]