The largest solar pv plant in Turkey


On May 4th, Tekno Ray Solar, the leader in Turkey’s Photovoltaic Energy Sector, held the official opening of Turkey’s largest solar energy plant, located in Konya Kızören and commissioned with 18.5 MW in the first phase and a total capacity of 22.5 MW. The Konya Kızören Solar Energy Plant with an investment cost of 22.5 Million Dollars, aims to provide the electricity needs for 20 thousand households.

Tekno Ray Solar, the company that turns the sun, a renewable and unlimited source of energy, to a profitable investment with the plants it establishes, held the official opening on Wednesday May 4th, for the Konya Kızören Solar Energy Plant installed on an area of 430.000 m2. Kizoren SPP Planned to produce 30,730,000 kWh of electricity annually, the plant used a total of 74,106 solar panels.
The Konya Kızören Solar Energy Plant, where the best quality equipment was used, also has the unique feature of being the only Solar Energy Plant in Turkey with “online scada” architecture, a remote fully automatic monitoring system.

Tekno Group of Companies CEO Mr. Altay Coşkunoğlu, who spoke at the press meeting, said “The sun is a national treasure for Turkey. The Konya Kızören Solar Power Plant, for which we are holding the opening today, is Turkey’s largest plant by far. We believe that the solar energy sector will grow very quickly in Turkey and the energy derived from the sun will surpass all other energy sources”.

Tekno Ray Solar Assistant General Manager Mehmet Özenbaş said “During the installation of the plant we employed 400 people over periods. We are pleased and proud to have established a plant that sets the highest quality standards in Turkey with the equipment selected according to our special performance indexes and used in building our plant, a process which took 8 months”.

Enerray CEO Michele Scandellari, who also spoke at the press meeting, said “Tekno Ray Solar is our first foreign partner and we are very happy and proud to be working with them. Our company has now taken steps towards becoming a world brand with this partnership established with Turkey. Currently we have Solar Energy Plants being built in 12 countries with a total installed power of 600 MW”.

With this project, a combination of solar energy, a renewable and unlimited source of energy, and the technological infrastructure and expert design staff of Tekno Ray Solar, the goal is to save 45 thousand trees and prevent the emission of an average of 18 thousand tons of CO2.