Enermesa awards 14 MWp for ENI in Sardinia, Italy

The Company formed by Enerray and Imesa is building a photovoltaic park for Eni to service the site of national interest of Porto Torres.

Enermesa, a consortium formed by Enerray SpA and Imesa SpA, has awarded, in April 2019, the construction of a photovoltaic plant on the Syndial field – Eni’s environmental company – in Porto Torres (SS), Italy.

The photovoltaic park is part of the redevelopment program by Eni New Energy, the new company of the Eni group, dedicated to the development of projects for the energy production from renewable sources.

The system, currently under construction, combines the excellence of Enerray and Imesa, two Italian companies specialized in the energy field and will have a power of 14 MWp, with a production capacity of approximately 23,382 MWh/year and a saving of CO2 equal to 11,700 kg / year.

The company can count on consolidated partnerships that provide an excellent balance between product quality, reliability and costs. Also on this occasion, Enermesa responded to the specific needs of the customer, guaranteeing a very high level of service.

After the phases of site preparation and land leveling carried out in May/June, Enermesa began drilling and laying the poles with the structures for the PV modules. Given the particular composition of the soil, Enermesa has found a suitable technical solution to avoid corrosive phenomena on the poles.



The PV plant – part of the conversion process of the Porto Torres refinery – is the third that Enerray constructs for Eni. In 2018 Enerray has connected two photovoltaic power plants of around 1,000 kWp to the grid. The first was built in Ferrera Erbognone, entirely supporting the operational “brain” for Eni’s Green Data Center, close to the Sannazzaro de ’Burgondi refinery. The second connected PV plant was that of Gela, in the Province of Caltanissetta, entirely in support of the Eni Gela biorefinery.

The development of renewable energies in the countries and places where Eni operates represents a fundamental element in the company’s strategy oriented towards the evolution of the business model towards a “low carbon” scenario.