RES4Africa Program Launch


Enerray, as member of RES4Africa, will be part in the organization of the RES4Africa Program Launch, a conference that will take place in October 26th-27th in Nairobi, Kenya.

This regional event will bring together public and private stakeholders from Europe and Eastern Africa to discuss lessons learned and identify remaining gaps, challenges and emerging issues for a smooth deployment of Renewables in Africa. The Conference will touch upon the key topics for a sustainable Renewables development, such as policy framework, scaling up investments, financing solutions and new business models, technology and technical issues, industrial development and the role of capacity building and technical training. During the event a deeper understanding of local needs will be generated and a set of complementary and innovative solutions to match them will be presented.

Our CEO Mr. Michele Scandellari will be the Keynote Speaker during the round table “FIT and Auction programmes on large scale project: a call for an effective public/private partnership” on October 26th.

RES4Africa is a network of key international energy stakeholders – utilities, industries, agencies, technical service providers and top academia, engaged in promoting clean tech solutions in the Sub-Saharan continent.

For more information about the event, please visit the site of Res4Africa.