Enerray meets the local population of Garoua to present the project’s developments

Enerray, through the company EB Solaire, the result of a partnership with an important local company, is developing a “green field” photovoltaic project of approximately 30 MWp in Northern Cameroon, and will also be the Epc Contractor.

After the first official presentation in October, when the first topographic surveys began, EB Solaire continues the development of the project with the completion of the environmental impact study.


During this phase, the company presented the project to the local population of Garoua in mid-December and answered the questions posed by the community. During the event there were over 250 people who welcomed the initiative on a social and economic level very positively.

The event was shot by the national CRTV television. The presentation aroused great interest in the solar project, as it was stressed the need for electricity production to overcome its complete lack in certain areas and to remedy black-out problems during the dry season (from february to july).

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