Kick-off for the 23 MWp solar park in Jordan

Enerray and Saudi partner Desert Technologies, which operates in the photovoltaics sector, have begun the construction of a 23.1 MW solar farm in Ma’an, located 125 miles from Jordan Capital.

Enerray and DT act as turn-key EPC & O&M contractors for the project.

This project is one of 12 approved by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Round 1 of the direct proposal process for photovoltaic projects and is backed by a twenty-year power purchase agreement with the National Electrical Power Transmission Company (NEPCO), signed on April 27th 2014. Jordan’s Ministry of Finance has issued a sovereign guarantee in support of the power purchase agreement, which enjoys a tariff of 0.12 JOD per Kwh, equal to 0.17 USD/Kwh.

The solar park, for a total output of 23 MWp, will include 73.320 Jinko Eagle 315PP-60 modules and it is estimated to produce about 47 mln kWh/year, saving CO2 emissions for about 25.000 tons/year.

The conversion system is composed by 12 SMA MV Compact Station, equipped with 2 compact inverters outdoor SMA Sunny Central CP 900 XT. SMA MVPS solution optimizes the efficiency of the plant.

“Thanks to this great project Enerray will achieve once again its efficiency and quality standards which are all along part of Company’s targets. An evidence of this strategy is the selection of Jinko and SMA as suppliers. A few weeks ago we completed the plant and we connected it to mains of the port city of Aqaba.Thanks to the joint venture with DT Technologies, Enerray aims at establishing its rank as market leader also in the Middle Eastmarket” stated Michele Scandellari, Enerray SpA CEO.

“We are proud of development and investment work, realized together with our partner, Enerray SpA and in this way we are beginning the construction of the plant. This project is the first one with a network of over 1.5 GW in the Middle East and North Africa, from Morocco to Saudi Arabia”, said Nour Mousa, CEO Desert Technologies CEO.

“We are extremely excited in providing our technology to one of the first utility large-scale projects in the Middle East region. We believe this project represents the beginning of a long-term cooperation with such prominent player in the region, as Enerray. We trust Jordanian market has become a pioneer in adopting solar energy, and its program has incentivized other governments to join the club”, adds Gulnara Abdullina, Jinko General Manager Africa & Middle East.

“This project demonstrates once again that photovoltaics represent the simplest , the most sustainable and the most affordable energy source for developing Countries as well. The consolidated collaboration with Enerray makes us proud and states again the strength of our Companies while facing together international challenges”, concluded Valerio Natalizia, SMA Regional Manager South Europe.