Plug the Sun succesfully tested a second SHS installation in Argentina

Plug the Sun, the Off-Grid company of Enerray, succesfully installed and tested another pilot Solar Home System in Chaco, Argentina.

Inside the area we have a main house and a warehouse of 300 sqm just a few meters away.

The excavation for the metal support of the photovoltaic modules, located about three meters from the house, and the ditch for laying the wiring have been carried out. The foundations were made by posing a 40 x 40 x 30 cm cement block attached to the ground and then fixed with cement paste, while the cables were protected with bricks.


The grounding of the structure was measured and gave 26.3 Ohms, a perfect value for clayey soils.

Internally, the battery, the switchboard and the electrical conduits have been mounted. Five lamps (four inside and one outside) have been placed in the house, while eight lamps (seven inside and one outside) have been installed for the warehouse.

In the meanwhile, our team is training local people with a test kit installed on a wood panel: