PV Module installation phase for Enerray’s PV parks in Benban

Enerray is proceeding fastly with the installation of the ground-mounted photovoltaic plants that are part of the of the 1.8 GW Benban Solar Park, located in Egypt. The three Benban projects have a cumulative capacity of 116 MWp.

In this period over 1,000 technicians are working on the site.

After an initial ground leveling phase, Enerray started to mount the poles, the structure and the PV modules of the ground mounted PV plants.

The pole mounting has been made using 10 pile driver machines owned by Enerray and equipped with a GPS system. The GPS system allows to drive the poles in the exact position indicated in the project, saving a lot of time without any error. The pole mounting last 1 month and half, from December to mid January.


Enerray also started to install the structure of the photovoltaic plants, including the tracking system. A tracker motor will be installed every 30 modules/5 poles. The tracking system allows the PV modules to follow the movement of the sun, optimizing the energy production of the three solar parks.


In parallel to the other work phases, Enerray is installing the PV modules. Once completed, the over 330.000 PV modules of three solar systems, will generate about 270,000 MWh/year, equivalent to the annual consumption needs of more than 88,000 Egyptian households, avoiding the emission of over 120,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.