Enerray and Helexia: the green strategy goes along

The frozen food business, large shopping centres, mechanic and steel companies got different solutions to flattening their carbon dioxite emissions. Photovoltaic is one of the most affordable space-saving and location-based technologies, as well as being non-invasive. The strategy of french group Helexia provides a good example.

Helexia commissioned to Enerray a photovoltaic system mounted on the roof of the Leroy Merlin Store in Savignano sul Rubicone (Italy). The solar energy system is a full self supply and it allows a huge saving on energy costs every year.


The energy produced by the photovoltaic system has been financed and realized by Helexia and it fully represents the energetic switch to a decentralized model of energetic supply.

Leroy Merlin and Helexia energetic choice is the avant-guard from the environmental and financial points of view. The photovoltaic system built for Leroy Merlin store is going to be a model in the energetic market for the next 10 or 15 years.

The Leroy Merlin photovoltaic system operates in “grid parity” and gets no kind of incentives. The store buys all the required energy from 1449 solar photovoltaic modules, using it for the customer services.  The system has a capacity of 405,72 kWp, it will produce more than 480.000 kWh of electric energy, ensuring about one third of the energy needs of the store. The investment will cut over 275 tons/year of CO2 emissions with a wide reduction of energy costs.


The break even for such a plant is between 11 and 12 years old. However, thanks to Helexia, Leroy Merlin can secure more than 33% of renewable energy benefiting from the first year of a saving on energy bill.

The photovoltaic system built in Savignano sul Rubicone consists of 1449 polycrystalline modules (with a power of 280Wp each) and 7 three-phase inverters.  The modules are fixed on roof thanks to a ballasted support structures with a 6° tilt. The whole system has been realized with no drilling on the sales outlet roofing.  The photovoltaic system is linked to the BT grid, fed by a MV/LV transformer cabin already existing. The electricity produced is used for internal consumption and any surplus is sold to the power grid through the existing medium-voltage connection point. The photovoltaic system is equipped with a data monitoring and a data acquisition system that can provide general system parameters (power, power output, voltages, current, etc.), the status of the plant and each inverter (operation, fault, cause of failure, failure time, etc.), monitored environmental conditions, state of the main protections.


The photovoltaic modules have been chosen following best efficiency conversion standards, as well as economics and reliability, relying on qualified subcontracting companies. Enerray also deals with the maintenance of the system by offering a full service contract and thus ensuring a continuous 360 ° service for 365 days a year. The plant has to be kept in perfect efficiency in order to maximize efficiency, so it is a company with a strong Italian structure, serious, professional, competent and reliable also from a financial point of view.

Among the values, beside customer satisfaction, the Group puts sustainability in the forefront, which means working in the respect for the environment and promoting the development of local communities for the benefit of present and future generations.

The end of the italian feed-in-tariff system (Conto Energia) is not the end of photovoltaic sector in Italy. For Energy companies with high consumptions of electricity (especially within 24 hours), the realization of a photovoltaic plant certainly suits, allowing strong savings on the energy bill, avoiding constant increases in the cost of electricity, even without the state contribution. The return time for the investment is acceptable. In addition, photovoltaic helps promoting a green image of the business, increasing customer’s positive perception.

The benefits from a photovoltaic investment are countless. For example, the Helexia Group can count on a property valorization of the store, it can offer more comforts to customers and workers (f.i. creating solar vergeboard for parking areas), qualifying itself as a green company with a strong attention to environment. At the same time Helexia is going to get free energy at the end of contract, a renovation cost reduction, good communication and green certifications.

The benefits of deciding to invest in photovoltaics are innumerable. For the Helexia Group, for example, they are the enhancement of the property (whether it is a shelter for car parks that give more comfort to customers and workers, or they are roofing) qualifying as a green company that takes care of the environment, Free energy at the end of the contract, reduction in renewal costs, communication and green certification.

The project in Savignano was completed thanks to the renewed trust and synergy between Enerray and Helexia. Enerray had already completed for Helexia three other plants in Italy since 2013, including the first one in Casalecchio di Reno on another store of Leroy Merlin, the second and third on the covers of two Auchan stores respectively in Cuneo and Palermo for a total of 1 MWp.

Since its entrance in the italian market in September 2012, Helexia has started the collaboration with Enerray. Since then, there has been a synergic and profitable collaboration based on Helexia’s confidence in the professionalism of Enerray and its collaborators that has led to the realization of many rooftop photovoltaic systems. This collaboration has pushed Helexia to entrust to Enerray a photovoltaic carport that will be realized for the parking area of the Auchan outlet sales in Bari Casamassima, with a 800 KWp power (the first one in Italy). A very important and resonant project that will be the first of many future projects that Helexia will produce in Italy in the wake of those already realized in France.