Enerray at RES4MED Conference

New solutions for clean energy development and deployment in MENA Area (Middle-East and North Africa) and Africa

Bologna, May 2016 – Strengthen infrastructure and energy investment to accelerate the development of Africa: these are some of the RES4MED’ annual conference objectives that took place in Rome on May 19th. The international network involving companies, technology providers, companies’ consulting and academia has the aim of supporting the spread of renewable energies in the Mediterranean and to find energy-efficient solutions to meet local energy needs. Since late last year, RES4MED decided to expand the geographical ambit of the association to Africa Sub-Saharan Africa in the light of the enormous potential and opportunity growth for the sector of renewable energies.

Enerray SPA, the worldwide leader in the design, development and management of medium and large photovoltaic plants, participated at the conference: Mr Michele Scandellari, Enerray’s CEO was one of the key speakers. Describing the actual and future scenarios, he indicated that, currently, the Sub Saharan Africa counts almost 600 million people have no access to electricity. By 2040 it will consume about 1,600 TWh, four times the amount of energy used in 2010 by India and Latin America together. To reach the level of output required, are therefore needed 490 billion dollars of investment in the productive capacity of the area and we have to add $ 345 billion for transmission and distribution networks. Right now, the use of solar energy, however, could provide electricity at a cost even less than 15US¢/kWh assuring a long-term costs. But many African countries are still dependent to traditional resources, which costs more than 25US¢/kWh being dependent to the volatility of oil prices.

Mr Scandellari also added that with more solar resources than anywhere else in the world and an economy in fast evolution, the African market is now mature to enable renewable energy become fully part of the local strategies. To speed up market development, capital-intensive investments in low-carbon energy tend not to be prioritized when competing with needs that are more urgent. On the other hand, governments in wealthy countries, pension funds and sovereign funds should look at renewable infrastructure assets in emerging markets as an opportunity to attract higher returns than they can get in mature markets while at the same time enabling the low-carbon transformation.

Enerray is working in order to be one of the main Companies enabling this “clean development” and working as entrepreneurs, working with the buyers and convincing them with huge investments, taking advantage of steadily growing economies in the Sub Saharan Africa.

New perspectives, new ideas, all for a new, clean and long-life development in Africa.

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