Enerray focuses on Southern Italy for the development, construction and management of photovoltaic systems in Grid Parity

Enerray, as an Italian leader in the construction and management of industrial-size ground-mounted or roof-mounted photovoltaic systems, is focusing its resources on the development of Grid Parity PV plants in Southern Italy, particularly in Sicily, looking at this Region as the best starting point for the revitalisation of the Italian solar park, a project supported also by the signing of the “Carta del rilancio sostenibile del fotovoltaico”.

Through the company OpenSolar, specifically dedicated to this purpose and controlled directly by the holding company SECI Energia, part of the Maccaferri Industrial Group, a large number of photovoltaic projects with uniaxial tracker technology are under development in Southern Italy, and Central-Northern regions are currently under assessment as well.


The development process involves the search for agricultural or industrial lands, mostly flat, suitable to install photovoltaic systems, request the connection to the network (TICA) and obtain the specific authorisation by the Region.

All the development phases are managed directly by OpenSolar, both independently and through specific co-development agreements signed with local professionals, i.e. with technical sector studies. These developments are, in any case, aimed at the direct realisation of the authorised PV plants, through the synergy of the resources put in place by SECI Energia (featuring also an Engineering Department with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification ) and Enerray, which allows parallel management and planning of all EPC and O&M activities.