Enerray and Suntech signed a contract for supply 116MW modules in Egypt

“Enerray is very glad to cooperate with Suntech with which has already had the pleasure to work in the past at the begin-ning of the solar market in Italy. Every module to be used during our plant construction is carefully selected on the world market, using the consolidat-ed partnerships with high-quality suppliers as Suntech and aiming towards the best correlation between product quality, reliability of the company and the costs to be sustained. Enerray is proud of acting as developer, sponsor, EPC and O&M Contractor for 116 MWp in Benban. In this way sustainable growth will be guaranteed for the whole Region, an area in which we see great potential and we are investing significantly” said Mr. Andrea Venezia, CEO of Enerray . It is the first cooperation with capacity of 116MW be-tween Enerray and Suntech. The project is located in Aswan Egypt. It is fore-seen to deliver to the site a total amount of STP330-24/vfw(1500) modules by the end of the third quarter.

“In the recent years, the PV market in Egypt is speeding up rapidly due to its excellent investment conditions, sufficient sunshine resources and sufficient support by the Government. To meet the increasing demand for electric power, the proportion of renewable energy supply will reach to 42% by 2025. We are so glad to cooperate with Enerray S.p.A., and look forward to having deeper and strengthen collaboration with Enerray in the future. In the past 18 years, we have achieved great progresses in product technology and gained brand reputation in the PV market. Suntech offers an industry-leading 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear perfor-mance warranty which is reinsured by the world-leading reinsurance com-pany – Munich Re. We could expand the global business chart together based on a long and stable good partnership. Suntech is adhering to its orig-inal intention and sparing no effort to light each corner of the world by us-ing the solar energy” said Mr. Shuangquan He, the CEO of Suntech.