Self-consumption and electricity sales options for photovoltaic systems

The self-consumption of electricity from a photovoltaic system is one of the best solutions to reduce the costs of energy bill. For energy-intensive companies the investment becomes very profitable. The energy bill is usually divided into three components: a variable amount expressed in c€/kWh proportional to energy consumptions a power quota expressed in c€/kW per […]


The advantages of industrial rooftop photovoltaic systems

Industrial rooftop photovoltaic systems can be installed on different types of buildings and bring many benefits to the company that decides to invest in photovoltaic technology. Modularity and wide typology of fastening technologies allow the installation of the PV plant on almost all existing roofs and industrial sheds, including flat roofs, pitched roofs, shed roofs […]


The importance of choosing a qualified solar EPC contractor

The engineering, procurement and construction of a photovoltaic system might seem an easy activity since a PV plant is made up of different electrical components connected together and there is almost no use of moving mechanical parts. This is not true and it is important to choose a serious and experienced solar EPC contractor for […]