Enerray UAC Thailand was created in 2016 as a joint venture between the Italian company Enerray S.p.A., a sub-holding of the Maccaferri Industrial Group, and UAC Global Public Company Limited, a Thai listed company. The purpose of this subholding is to apply to the Asian market the outstanding technologies, procedures and services developed in the solar EPC and O&M sector by Enerray.


Since its foundation in 2007, Enerray’s priority has always been to provide a 360° turnkey service, putting its experience at the client service in order to maximize the investment profitability and minimizing any technical risk related to the solar plant installation. Thanks to the experience acquired in Italy and abroad as a result of the internationalization process started in 2011, the company has strongly increased its order portfolio, establishing itself as a leader in the market both as an EPC and as O&M Contractor.

Our Plus

  • 10 years global experience
  • Over 800 MWp installed worldwide
  • Over 700 MWp under our O&M service worldwide
  • Multi-MWp local knowledge, 360° turnkey solutions for photovoltaic plants
  • 25 years plant performance warranty
  • Free expert assistance to help you save money.



UAC Global was established in 1995 as Thailand’s leading trading company supplying a wide range of chemicals, catalysts, base oil and equipment to country’s fast growing petrochemical and oil & gas refineries and power plants. As an expansion of business lines, UAC GLOBAL is now diversifying into investment in alternative and renewable energy and utilities supplies.

Values and Mission
Our Values, our strenght

Our values have been the mainstay of the Maccaferri Group for the last 130 years. They are the basic principles which guide the company’s decisions and they may be found in every one of our actions. They define who we are and what we offer.


Integrity & Respect

Transparency, respect for the environments in which we work and credibility have allowed us to gain the trust of our customers and our employees.


Excellence & Innovation

Our energies are focussed on constantly improving our results, services and professionalism, so as to always be on the cutting edge of business at the global level. For us, doing it well is not enough, we want to be the best.

Enerray Reliability


Financial solidity and reliability, as well as strong relationships with the main credit institutions and international development banks, make Enerray the perfect partner for those who want to invest in photovoltaics without worry, with a guarantee of high quality materials.


Global experience & Local knowledge

We have a global structure, with a presence on 4 continents, that constantly works to understand local requirements, cooperating with local institutions and technicians, researching and proposing the most advanced solutions in their areas of competence.

"Don't Worry, be Sunny"

Our mission is to use the most innovative technology and our highly qualified team to offer our customers turnkey environmentally friendly solutions that:

  • Meet our customer's/investor's expectations, providing complete assistance, interpreting and achieving their objectives of obtaining energy savings with high economic returns, and guaranteeing a high-quality product that is also efficient and cutting edge
  • Contribute to reducing harmful emissions to obtain a better future, while also generating economic and image-related benefits.
Solar Services

Project Development

Full coverage of the development areas in order to deploy "ready-to-build" projects including:

  • Environmental studies
  • Land permitting
  • Grid authorizations
  • Planning and engineering
  • PPA or Feed-in-Tariff scheme contracts analysis
  • Assistance to the client in feasibility studies and analysis

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Providing to Clients a full “turn-key” EPC contract and related services:

  • Site visit
  • Pull-out examination
  • Preliminary and executive engineering
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Construction
  • Connection to the grid
  • Project Management on site as well as documental (to the clients, external advisors, banks, etc.)
  • Commissioning
  • COD (Commercial Operation Date).

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Providing best in class O&M services in order to enable the solar plant to maximize the production. Principal activities include:

  • Central monitoring, supervision and surveillance
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Failure repairing and troubleshooting
  • Spare parts management
  • Maintenance Reporting
  • Optimization, revamping and re-engineering on existing solar farm realized by third parties.
Advantages of Solar Energy
PV systems
Clean technology with multiple advantages

PV technology looks set to be the one to offer the most promising long-term and large-scale use of renewable sources, especially in countries such as Thailand that enjoy plenty of sunshine.



Photovoltaic systems last a long time (25-30 years) and require lower maintenance, given to the limited use of moving mechanical parts.



The architecture of photovoltaic systems is modular, and they can be sized up or down as required – panels can be placed on areas of various sizes and dimensions



A photovoltaic module produces from 6 to 18 times more energy than is used to produce it, meaning that after about one year it begins to produce energy with zero impact.

Photovoltaic system makes no noise

No impact

A photovoltaic system makes no noise and has a low visual impact.

Invest safely and reduce your energy costs
with Enerray UAC

A solar power plant is a low risk investment with good returns, especially for industrial and commercial users that can install it on the roof of their factories/commercial buildings.

Photovoltaic system reduce or even eliminate the costs

Low Energy Bill

The energy produced by the photovoltaic system allows energy-intensive companies to reduce or even eliminate the costs sustained to use electricity from the grid.

Energy transferred to the grid has a value

Excess Transfer

Excess energy transferred to the grid has a value, based on the rules and tariffs on the electricity market.


Added Value

A photovoltaic system also increases the value of the property on which it is installed.



A photovoltaic system can create profit from otherwise unusable areas (for example roofs or desert areas).

Enerray UAC
thinks green

Enerray makes concrete efforts in regards to ethics and the environment, not only by producing clean, renewable energy, but also by carrying out its business in accordance with current laws and in compliance with high ethical standards, as well as operating in a responsible manner, economically, socially and environmentally. All of this is aimed at protecting the health and safety of our employees, our customers and all the people involved with our company.


Green Image

A photovoltaic system is a symbol of environmental responsibility that can be exploited in marketing, helping to promote a green image for the company and increasing positive perceptions from customers, who are increasingly attentive to the sustainability of the products they acquire.


Avoided CO2 emissions

Photovoltaic energy allows a reduction in pollution by decreasing carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutant emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect for an estimated value of about 0.5 kg for every kWh produced.



Photovoltaic systems do not produce residue during operation and at the end of life. The modules can be regenerated or recycled, and the materials used in the production process can be reused.



In the presence of asbestos roofing, these may be removed and disposed of in suitable centres, thus reducing the risk of contamination.


The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) offers a variety of fiscal and non-tax incentives for investments in solar energy. This covers the production of electricity or electricity and steam from renewable energy, such as solar energy. The scope and size of investment promotion for the rooftop owner and/or the developer have to be carefully reviewed under the specific new solar rooftop regime, move away from the FiT towards a self-consumption driven market, through a net-metering/net-billing scheme, that could trigger more investments in the already growing solar rooftop market.

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Track Record in Thailand

Thai Metal Trade - Ayutthaya

Power: 2500 kWp


Von Bundit - Surat Thani

Power: 750 kWp


Saha Thai Steel Pipe - Bangkok

Power: 925 kWp


Kingboard Laminates -  Ayutthaya

Power: 752 kWp


Thai Gow Gai -  Pathum Thani

Power: 561 kWp


Mitr Steel -  Rayong

Power: 998 kWp


CP All -  Mueang Lamphun, Mueang Buri Ram

Power: 306 + 202 kWp


Siam Makro -  Bangkok, Nakhon Phanom

Power: 550 + 583 kWp


Thai Wah -  Nakhon Phanom

Power: 1000 kWp


Thai Acrilic Fibre -  Mueang Saraburi

Power: 500 kWp


Bangkok Dec-Con Public - Bangkok

Power: 292 kWp


Perma Flex -  Samut Prakan

Power: 200 kWp


Enerray UAC supplies the preventive and ordinary maintenance of 75MWp divided in 5 solar farms located in the provinces of Naknon Rachasima, Buriram, Chaiyaphum and Parachinburi.

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