The new solar markets: a challange for the EPC solar company


A solid global epc solar company, especially today, must be active and ready to develop solar projects in every markets in the world. In the last two years solar energy markets are rapidly growing worldwide and solar investments in the developing countries exceed, In many cases, those of the consolidated markets.
We know what does it means EPC solar company: exactly managing efficiently all aspects and stages of the realization process of a photovoltaic plant, from  permitting, engineering and construction, to commissioning. But we Know which are the developing countries where renewable energies and solar investments in particular are catching on?

• The Middle East is one of the major solar markets today. There you can find the most important Solar Project. Also if the market is dominated by low priced fossil fuels the use of renewable energy is gaining every day more and more political attention. For that reason EPC Solar Company must be ready to intercept the requests of the ambitious renewable energy programs that Middle Eastern countries are putting in place, particularly due to the increase of electrification rate and energy demand in the region.

• The African continent is increasingly turning to renewable energy technologies with the opening up of electricity generation and distribution segments to private operators. In addition to this the recent cost reductions, solar PV (grid and off-grid solutions) is now recognized as a fast and cost-effective way to deliver modern energy services. more than 600 million Africans who do not have access to electricity. For these reasons Solar Investments and Solar Project are growing fast in the African continent.

• Latin America is a region with immense potential to accelerate the expansion of solar energy. In Latam continent we can find numerous emerging economies growing fast and consenquently is growing the demand of clean and cost effective solution for energy.

• The last, but not for importance developing continent where EPC Solar Company must be active is the Southeast Asia, today one of the most promising markets for Solar Project Development. Home to dozens of emerging economies with favourable political climates, Southeast Asia is bound to become a cornerstone of the renewable energy revolution.

To learn more about the new solar markets in the world you can visit this technical in-depth analysis

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