Our numbers

Over 800 MWp

Built and under construction

Over 250

Built PV systems

Over 500 MWp

in O&M

Over 2.000.000

Installed PV modules

Solar power benefits

Produced Energy

1.018.852,54 MWh

CO2 emissions avoided

570.557,42 tons

Equivalent trees planted


Households served


They chose Enerray
Enel Green power
360° Video of our PV plants
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360° Experience

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Enerray: solar energy all around the world

Since 2007, we have held a single objective: to offer our customers innovative solar solutions.

We are a solar EPC company leader in the design, installation and maintenance of utility scale and industrial photovoltaic systems. With the strength of an important group, we offer turnkey solutions for solar photovoltaic systems located on roofs, canopies, greenhouses and on the ground.

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