Attention and quick response, this is what makes our O&M service stand out

A photovoltaic system must be kept perfectly efficient in order to ensure top performance; this is possible only thanks to an O&M operator with a solid, reputable, professional and reliable organization when it comes to financials.

Enerray thinks of your needs first by supplying a full service O&M contract which ensures optimal and profitable operation of the photovoltaic plant.

Here are the two different kinds of contracts that we have activated in Italy :

7/7 system monitoring

7/7 system monitoring, thanks to the evolved remote control solution, which continuously manages the alarms with the option of remotely disconnecting and restarting the system.

Detailed monthly report

A detailed monthly report with a summary of the plant production together with the main technical parameters. Furthermore, we make a database available containing the maintenance history, freely accessible to the client.

Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance:
planned activities which foresee, among other things, the electric and mechanical checks, grass removal, panel cleaning and deratting.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance:
comprises all of the activities regarding the repair, rehabilitation and restoration of the entire plant’s operation. There are no limits to the number of feasible interventions. The average response time of the intervention by our technical staff is within 3 hours from the time the problem is reported.

Free check up

A free check up upon taking delivery of the plant.


Performance guaranteed.

Risk Inverter

Risk Inverter:
we ensure the complete coverage of the inverters during the whole term of the contract. The possibility of interventions of 1° and 2° level made directly with our staff offers an additional advantage towards the client helping to reduce time loss of plant downtime.

Enerray Premium

Enerray Premium:
we provide coverage for all components of the photovoltaic plant, ensuring the supply of the material quickly and reliably.

Property All Risk

Property All Risk:
we sign and manage on behalf of the client the Property All Risk insurance, for direct and indirect damages, managing directly the accident with the insurance institute.

Enerray’s warehouses

Enerray’s warehouses:
because we have our own warehouses, we assure the storage and the supply of all spare parts in order to guarantee rapid repair and restore times.


we also deal with all aspects of the the security services (supervision, alarm managing, intrusion detection systems managing) offering a 360° protection service.

Administrative management

Administrative management:
we provide administrative support to the client and fulfill on its behalf all of requirements foreseen by current sector regulations, maintaining-managing directly relationships with the different institutions.

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