Around 1.2 billion people in the world are not connected to an electrical grid.
This is a big challenge and we want to overcome it!
Off grid the best for isolated areas
Off-grid for third world countries
Off-grid systems offer electricity to all those who don't have it
Operating diagram for an Off Grid system
Operating diagram for an Off Grid system

Off-grid systems are the best solution to offer access to electricity to all those who currently don't have it. The application of renewable energies in off-grid systems is constantly increasing, both in developed and developing countries. Off-grid systems are not new to the market: there are millions of diesel and gas generators operating throughout the world that provide electricity when a grid is lacking or when the existing grid is unreliable. Consider third world countries and the problems of supplying energy to hospitals, schools and daycares, but also isolated areas (in the mountains or rural areas) not served by national electrical grids. In these situations, isolated systems represent an excellent and environmentally friendly solution.

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Electricity – always and everywhere


Capacity to provide electricity 24/7, regardless of weather conditions or the presence of an electrical grid.



The electricity generated can be modulated based on the load required and peaks that may arise on the electrical grid.



The new renewable solutions produce electricity in a more economical, clean and efficient manner, eliminating reliance on combustibles, and eliminating the impact associated with increases in energy prices.



Replacement of isolated systems based on diesel generators and systems connected to grids, especially in cases in which these grids are not efficient or reliable.

Enerray provides turnkey solutions that are bankable and intelligent

We stand out in the market thanks to the complete array of photovoltaic systems, including storage systems that can be coupled with existing generator groups, able to provide energy 24/7. In fact, we can provide customised solutions at all levels, from "Micro" systems for the residential sector to "Utility" systems for large ground-mounted installations.

The main objective of our system is to offer savings and access to a renewable source of energy. Thanks to an intelligent storage system, our energy solutions offer end users the following advantages:

  • Fully automatic system
  • Maximisation of consumption
  • Possibility to manage energy supply and production peaks
  • Ability to adapt generation to load requirements
  • Emergency operation in the case of power outages or blackouts
  • Reduction of fuel consumption for existing generator groups

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