In line with the international culture of the entire Maccaferri Group, since 2011 we have been present on foreign markets, constantly searching for new opportunities for growth and development.

We are a global solar epc and we want to serve as a reference point for the countries in which we operate and will operate in the future, without turning our back on the values that have allowed us to establish a strong presence in Italy and internationally.


Tekno Ray Solar

We work in the solar Turkish market through this joint venture, held 50% with Tekno. The company is currently the biggest operator on the growing Turkish market based on systems created (around 30 MWp) and under construction (around 85 MWp).


Enerray & Desert Technologies

In order to develop, create projects and establish a presence in new solar markets in the Middle East and North Africa, Enerray has a joint venture held 50% with Desert Technologies.


Enerray Jordan Branch

In Jordan, the company has finished building two solar farms: the first of 10 MWp in Aqaba and the second of 23 MWp in Ma’an. We are operating in the country as an EPC and O&M Contractor.


Enerray Morocco

In partnership with IRESEN (Institut de Recherche en Energie Solaire et en Energies Nouvelles), the company has built a CSP (concentrated solar power) plant of 1 MWe with ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) solution in Ben Guerir. The commissioning is expected within the second half of 2017.


Enerray Egypt

Shortly, a company will be created in Egypt, which will build three solar PV systems in Benban with a total capacity of about 115 MWp.



In a new framework where Italy confirmed its position as one of the preferred trade and business partners for Iran, Enerray has been able to secure strategic partnerships in the country to closely follow development and EPC opportunities in the solar market.


Enerray Mex

The company Enerray Mex has positioned itself as one of the first operators to build a photovoltaic system for medium-sized industrial coverage, dedicated to self-consumption. Negotiations are underway both for the development of small (power < 500 kWp) and large pv plants.


Enerray do Brasil

With registered offices in Jundiaí (Sao Paulo). The company can create photovoltaic systems for own consumption on industrial roofs and on shopping centres, as well as large ground-mounted installations requested by Brazilian institutional investors and multi-utilities. Between 2015 and 2016, the company was awarded two important work orders for 254 MWp (the largest in South America) and for 107 MWp, respectively, which will be completed by 2017.


Enerray Argentina

Enerray Argentina, based in Buenos Aires, has recently won a government contract in the country through the joint venture with Plug the Sun. The project includes the supply, installation and maintenance of 8500 off grid kits for SHS (Solar Home Systems), with peak powers ranging between 200 to 300 Wp, to be installed in 12 lots spread across 8 regions of the country.


Enerray de Costa Rica

With registered offices in San Josè, and the objective of constructing photovoltaic systems that serve industrial plants and commercial structures within the country, the company also supports operations in the various solar markets of Central America.


Enerray Chile

With registered offices in Santiago, the company is pursuing various opportunities on the local photovoltaic market, relative to the creation of medium/large systems for Chilean and international investors.


Enerray UAC Thailand

In Thailand we operate through a dedicated company, partnering with UAC Global, an important Thai company with its offices in Bangkok, listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). Various industrial solar rooftop structures have already been completed and connected, and additional roof and ground-mounted installations are currently being developed.

Enerray is also active and working to develop markets in other countries located in the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Our experience is available to others

We are ordinary members of RES4MED (Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean) and RES4AFRICA, a network of international leaders in the energy field, with the goal of facilitating and accelerating the use of renewable sources and contributing to the creation of an integrated regional electricity market, through:

  • direct dialogue with institutions, agencies, industries and electrical companies in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries (SEMCs)
  • promotion of decision-making and institutional skills and training throughout the Mediterranean, to guarantee the necessary foundations for the spread and integration of renewable energy on the electricity market
  • proposing complementary "distributed energy" solutions to meet energy needs, allowing local companies to work with international actors within the domestic market

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