Consistent, for over 130 years

Our company values serve as the foundations of the Maccaferri Group. 
They are the basic principles that guide company decisions and they can be seen in all of our actions.
They define what we are and what we offer.

Enerray Integrity

Integrity & respect

Transparency, respect for the environments in which we work and credibility have allowed us to gain the trust of our customers and our employees.

Enerray Excellence & innovation

Excellence & innovation

Our energies are focused on constantly improving our results, services and professionalism, so as to always be on the cutting edge of business at the global level. For us, doing it well is not enough, we want to be the best.

Enerray Reliability


Financial and reliability, as well as strong relationships with the main credit institutions and international development banks, make Enerray the perfect partner for those who want to invest in photovoltaics without worry, with a guarantee of high quality materials. Every component used in constructing the systems is carefully selected on the global market.

Enerray Global experience & local knowledge
Global experience & local knowledge

We have a global structure, with a presence on 5 continents, that constantly works to understand local requirements, cooperating with local institutions and technicians, researching and proposing the most advanced solutions in their areas of competence.

"Don't Worry, be Sunny"

Our mission is to use the most innovative technology and the best qualified team to offer our customers turnkey environmentally friendly solutions that:

  • meet our customer's/investor's expectations, providing complete assistance, interpreting and achieving their objectives of obtaining energy savings with high economic returns, and guaranteeing a high-quality product that is also efficient and cutting edge.
  • contribute to reducing harmful emissions to obtain a better future, while also generating economic and image-related benefits.

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