Market Research Department
Market Research Department

Is responsible for making our values clear to potential customers/partners, as well as the features of our products/services, as well as analyzing customer satisfaction with the objective of developing an exchange that simultaneously satisfies the objectives of individuals and organizations.

Sales and Development Department
Sales and
Development Department

Manages all aspects of relations with our customers, investors and partners, providing required assistance throughout the relationship. The Business Development department constantly works to find new opportunities for development, analyzing PPAs or incentive programs and financing plans with major credit institutions and development banks, such as IFC and EBDR.

Technical Department
Technical Department

Supervises the technical aspects of projects: from initial survey through commissioning, working with sales, development, purchasing and logistics departments. It also makes use of qualified designers, both internal and external.

Purchasing and Logistics Department
Purchasing and Logistics Department

Selects all the individual components, working with certified suppliers and leading international shippers, thereby ensuring the best combination of quality, reliability and costs, to guarantee high quality and reliability for the entire system.

Administration Department
Administration Department

Responsibles for all the general, administrative and authorization procedures and institutional tasks.

Maintenance Department
Maintenance Department

Guarantees efficient O&M service for the entire useful life of the system.

Our strengths

A flexible structure, made up of loyal staff and professionals, allows us to manage all the stages of
developing, designing, installing and maintaining medium and large photovoltaic systems.

Reliability and Bankability

Financial solidity and reliability, as well as strong relationships with the main credit institutions and international development banks, make Enerray the perfect partner for those who want to invest in photovoltaics without worry.

Global experience & local knowledge

We have a global structure, with a presence in 5 continents, that constantly works to understand local requirements, cooperating with local institutions and technicians, researching and proposing innovative solutions, opportunities and economic assistance to our customers with dedicated local teams.

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Consolidated Track Record
& Know How

We are growing continuously and have acquired our experience in the field, with ever increasing volumes of work, ensuring some of the highest levels of skills and quality in the sector.

Technological Partnerships

Solid and lasting agreements with the main international manufacturers allow us to obtain excellent contractual terms and continuity in photovoltaic component supplies. Products are selected carefully by our specialized team, in order to maximize the quality of the system.

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International Customer Portfolio

We have created excellent relationships with international customers who recognize and appreciate Enerray's skills and professionalism.

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With an eye on protecting the entire project, we create and manage photovoltaic systems, respecting all legal regulations (in particular those relative to workplace safety), mitigating risks through appropriate insurance policies with high coverage, stipulated with major insurance companies.

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Enerray is the ideal partner to invest in photovoltaics
Enerray is the ideal partner
for those who want to invest in photovoltaics
without worry.

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