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Socio-Economics Benefits from Renewable Energies – MENA Region

As shown by authoritative studies, renewable energy can bring many benefits to the world, especially from a social and economic point of view. The increasing shares of renewable power capacity is lowering the prices of pv components. The global average energy system LCOE gradually declines from 70 €/MWh in 2015 to 52 €/MWh in 2050, […]


What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy?

The worldwide requirement for energy is covered today mainly by the fossil fuels: oil, natural gas and coal. But lately, the solar energy technology has been improved: solar cells are six times more efficient today than they were 30 years ago. Solar panels are becoming frequently used by residences and companies. Why? How can solar […]


The transition to a fully renewable powered energy system in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the most promising markets for solar development. Home to dozens of emerging economies with favourable political climates, Southeast Asia is bound to become a cornerstone of the renewable energy revolution. This growth has doubled energy consumption in just over two decades, forcing many countries in the region to address the […]


How does solar energy work and how can it be converted into electricity ?

Solar radiation is the basis for a surprising range of renewable energies. They are practically infinite. Added to this, solar energies are almost free of any emissions and with only few environment effects or hazards. The result of the solar technologies is a market that only tends to increase. Know more about the importance of […]


The transition to a fully renewable powered energy system in Latam

Latin America is a region with immense potential to accelerate the expansion of solar energy. Its numerous emerging economies are a growing source of demand, while the political climate across the continent is largely in favor of renewable energy. The total electricity consumption is expected to double by 2050 and even if all the countries […]


The transition to a fully renewable powered energy system in the MENA region

The transition to a fully renewable powered energy system is possible as shown by authoritative studies of autonomous universities. In the last blog we presented a study that deals with the subject with objective data that demonstrate without a shadow of doubt that a transition to the exclusive use of renewable energy is not only […]


A global transition to 100% renewable electricity is feasible

The transition to the use of energy from renewable sources is not just an ethical choice, but in recent years has become increasingly a necessity of an economic and human type. Our planet is sick, and the increase in temperatures is the most obvious signal. Climate change does not only bring with it problems of […]


Photovoltaic Energy spreads in the emerging economies. Focus on Latam countries

Photovoltaic energy is growing exponentially in the world thanks to technology and the consequent ever greater ease of installation. It is scalable, reliable and easy to understand for users, differentiating itself from other more expensive and polluting energies. The economically most developed countries in Europe and the United States have relied on renewable energy with […]


Failures on photovoltaic systems

The push for energy independence, the possibility of saving money and the increase in environmental awareness in recent decades has certainly contributed to a steady increase in the spread of PV plants that create energy from renewable sources. Photovoltaic is certainly one of the protagonists, if not the main, given its extremely flexible nature to […]


MENA, Middle East and North Africa photovoltaic market

The Middle East and North Africa (also called MENA region) states are interested by a quantity of annual sunlight that produce a direct radiation exceeding 6 kWh/m2 per day in many regions. The Recent decreases in the price of photovoltaic technologies coupled with rising electricity demand in these growing nations, could make the MENA region […]


Solar market 2018 outlook

The solar sector had a challenging 2018 coming and some signals are definitely positive confirming that a major EPC Solar Company can increase its quota of Solar Investments and Solar Project Development. Let’s take a look to the leading industry analysts trends for the solar sector in 2018. • First of all the costs of […]


Focus on the new solar markets: Africa

Both the decreased costs and the technologic progress contribute to the rise of solar energy; if Africa aims at keeping on boosting sustainable development, then it needs to ensure access to energy for its entire population. Africa hosts 13% of the total world population; notwithstanding, it only accounts for 4% of world energy consumption. And […]


The new solar markets: a challange for the EPC solar company

A solid global epc solar company, especially today, must be active and ready to develop solar projects in every markets in the world. In the last two years solar energy markets are rapidly growing worldwide and solar investments in the developing countries exceed, In many cases, those of the consolidated markets. We know what does it means EPC solar company: exactly […]


Trends and challenges for the PV O&M companies in the international markets

O&M’s international photovoltaic markets are moving more and more often according to identical dynamics. In an increasingly open market for technological innovation and use of renewable energy, the biggest photovoltaic companies are refining their workflow to make selection and win the challange. Here are the main O&M photovoltaic trends in the world: Trend # 1: […]


Photovoltaic o&m service, a challange for performance optimization

One of the main challenges of the global photovoltaic market is to ensure the profitability of solar systems over time. The photovoltaic o&m service becomes crucial here. O&m means (we have already mentioned in this blog) Operation and Maintenance, but this abbreviation includes all the services that ensure maximum efficiency and maintenance for the photovoltaic system. Over […]


EPC photovoltaic process – The Construction phase

After analyzing the first two phases of the EPC photovoltaic service, this article will focus on the most practical phase of installation of the various components that make up the plant. The main steps that characterize the part of  “Construction” are: Installing the module support structure Whether it is a photovoltaic system on a roof […]


EPC photovoltaic process – The Procurement phase

In this second blog dedicated to the phases that characterize the EPC photovoltaic process, after analyzing the first phase of engineering, we will describe the procurement one. The procurement is necessarily linked to the supply of materials and services, thus the supply of all components that will become part of the previously designed photovoltaic system […]


EPC photovoltaic process – The Engineering phase

Engineering a photovoltaic plant is one of the crucial phases of the entire EPC photovoltaic process; at this stage, variables and calculations must be taken seriously because the ultimate goal is to provide the customer with the best photovoltaic solution achievable according to the stated needs and the availability of space and investment. Although preliminary […]


Revamping of ground mounted pv plants: hydrogeological risk and how to act to not lose productivity.

The hydrogeological risk is one factor to keep in mind both when planning to build a new solar power plant, or when external factors or the nature affect an existing one. When this happens, ground-mounted pv plants reduce their productivity. A decline in productivity leads to an increase in the time needed to return from […]


The advantages of rooftop solar systems

Rooftop solar power plant, even said rooftop solar system, is a photovoltaic plant that has its pv panels installed on the roof of a building. The urban environment provides a large amount of empty rooftop spaces and can inherently avoid the potential land use and environmental concerns. The maximum dimension of a rooftop solar system […]


What does it mean O&M and why it is so important?

A photovoltaic system must be kept perfectly efficient in order to ensure top performance. Understanding this aspect can lead to a decline in energy production performance in the medium to long term. Verifying the efficiency of your photovoltaic system it may seem simple, but It is not easy to maintain a constant consistency both for […]

photovoltaic epc

What is a photovoltaic EPC?

A photovoltaic system is a symbol of environmental responsibility and also a low-risk investment with good returns. But who or what is in fact an EPC?  Literally epc means: engineering, procurement, and construction. EPC is a particular form of contracting arrangement that allow to manage efficiently all aspects and stages of the realization process of a […]